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Reflections Of The Winter NAMM Music Trade Show Anaheim Ca. January 2016

January 29, 2016

The National Association Of Music Merchants (NAMM) held it’s annual trade show last weekend…


The art of a hand hammering a cymbal

The art of  hand hammering a Sabian cymbal to perfection! Just give this gentleman a tree stump, a hammer and a raw cymbal!

 It was at the Anaheim Convention Center and surrounding hotels January 21st – 24th 2016. This years trade show was the largest in NAMM’s 115 year history with 125 countries and regions represented from around the world! Every music related product you can think of was on display, with a record of 1,700+ exhibitors showcasing 6,000 brands of great musical products to attendee’s from around the globe.

I’m always amazed by the carnival atmosphere generated by the vibe of this four day music love fest…

It’s not because Disneyland is just across the street, but the sights, sounds and smell make this a music lover’s paradise with instruments of all genres of the music industry on display. Every vendor’s booth showcases their beautiful musical instruments, tempting each attendee to not only have an up close look, but to touch, lust and play to your heart’s content (or at least until the convention doors close at 6:00 pm!)

The NAMM trade show is is not open to the general public, only NAMM members with a ticket and a valid ID will get you in the door…

A NAMM ticket in is always a hot commodity, so for those who weren’t fortunate to make it to this year’s 2016 Winter NAMM, here’s a few picture highlights of some unique musical instruments from the event!


Different sized djembes when mounted around a rack can make for a unique sounding drum set!


Mid-East Manufacturing introduces a new line of Tongue Drums!


The world’s largest djembe? Ask Tycoon Precussion.


The Gu Zheng, from China, offers beautiful harp-like tones!

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